Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guest blogger: LCEA President B Grassell


As you know, a collective vote from the education community can and will make a huge difference in the upcoming general election on Nov. 2.

   I firmly believe this election will change public education, including the way we teach, what we teach, how we are compensated, and who leads the way in Tallahassee.
   I also firmly believe it is our responsibility to educate ourselves and to vote for those candidates who support public education. 
   Public education will change after November 2.  How it changes is up to us!  
   LCEA members voted to endorse the following candidates. As president, I believe these endorsed candidates are excellent choices and will represent us well.
   Please read their messages to you. They have expressed their commitment to teachers and students throughout their campaigns. Their messages have not changed to address different target audiences. Their candidate questionnaires have been and are still available for members to read at the LCEA office.    
   Members, please plan to attend our next Rep. Council on September 28. We will include a “Meet the Candidates” session from 5:00-5:30. These three candidates will be there to meet you.
   Dr. JoAnn Jones is our endorsed candidate for School Board District 3.  
   JoAnn is a dedicated teacher at East Ridge Middle and is well respected by her peers. That respect was evident at our last rep council as you recalled stories of her mentoring and supporting those of you who have taught with her.  She was an LCEA member when she taught at Clermont Middle and East Ridge High.  She opposed SB6.  Her opponent is Dr. Tod Howard.
   “Reaching out to 1600+ people on my behalf is an endorsement that will certainly move the campaign in the right direction. Thank you. My message remains the same. We need to stand beside our teachers led by good principals who will ensure that the children of Lake County receive the best possible education available to them. I intend to work closely with the Union so that we can maintain a teaching organization that is second to none in Florida. I will see you September 28 at LCEA. Thank you for this gracious invitation.”  - JoAnn Jones
   Frank Wood is our endorsed candidate for Florida House of Representative District 25.  
   Frank has taught his entire teaching career at Mt. Dora High and has served LCEA in many capacities. He has been a member of our board of directors, vice-president, bargaining team, and FEA Public Policy Advocacy Committee.  He opposed SB6. His opponent is Larry Metz.
   "With heartfelt gratitude, I thank my colleagues for your endorsement. I have walked the halls with you for thirty years. As educators, we understand that quality schools are essential in building communities that have vibrant economies, safe neighborhoods and a society that is civil, just and thriving. I pledge to work tirelessly for children, parents and educators. With your help and support, you will have a voice in Tallahassee."  - Frank Wood
   Eunice Garbutt is our endorsed candidate for Florida Senate District 20.  
   Eunice is an energetic candidate with the best interest of Florida’s citizens, especially children, in her heart.  She is a program manager for Special Olympics Florida and has worked for other not-for-profit, service organizations.  She opposed SB6.  Her opponent is Alan Hays.
   “I’m honored to have earned the endorsement of the Lake County Education Association! It feels good to enter the campaign's final weeks with significant momentum on our side. We are in a very strong position with less than seven weeks left in this race in terms of ground operation and campaign strategy. With the committed support of the LCEA and hard working determined walkers ---we see victory on the horizon." - Eunice Garbutt.
   I hope this helps you in your research for the candidate of your choice.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, please remember that LCEA is a non-partisan professional organization and our endorsements are based entirely on the candidates’ views on and support for public education.
   Please enjoy your weekend.  You certainly deserve time to rest and relax.  Thanks for all you do for Lake County’s students and their families.  It is because of your dedication that I continue to be honored to represent and advocate for you.
   We must remember, and we must VOTE in November.
   Together in teaching and learning,
   B Grassel, NBCT

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  1. I am happy to read that Ms. Grassel finally endorsed the "right candidate." Before the primary she endorsed a candidate who, while he was a nice guy, had zero background in public education. I can only assume that at that time she felt that an inexperienced candidate, if he won, could be manipulated by the union. Dr. Jones is now her choice and should have been her choice all along.

    Dr. Jay B. Kosner